Monday, December 30, 2013

From the Alps

Some pieces from my collection: a traditional Bavarian Charivari, and some Bavarian hunting trophies. You can see some even cooler Charivari here (site's in German). Enjoy.

The Charivari is worn by Bavarian men across their waist during celebrations to make noise.
© Matthew Gordon | Bilder

Most are made of scrap silver, and include hunting trophies, coins, jewels, and crystals. Mine includes Roe deer antler, a Roe deer hoof, coins, and the jaws of a badger.
© Matthew Gordon | Bilder

© Matthew Gordon | Bilder

© Matthew Gordon | Bilder

Some various hunting trophies: knives with deer foot handles, and Chamois horns from 1906.
© Matthew Gordon | Bilder


Helene Titsch said...

Very the angles you used for these photos!

Mikoyan said...

I love the shot of the fangs.